This is the new baby penguin that hatched at Moody Gardens

GALVESTON, Texas – A king penguin hatched this week at the Moody Gardens in Galveston. 

Moody Gardens official says the chick’s name will be chosen via its social media page, where a poll will be posted to allow visitors to choose between named selected by the Moody Gardens penguin biologists. 

The chick’s mother’s name is Simone. Moody Gardens said the 3-year-old penguin is a first-time mother who came to Moody Gardens a year ago from Sea World San Antonio and nurtured the egg by herself until it hatched. The mother continues to rear the chick on her own, leaving all to wonder who and where the father is. 

PHOTOS: King penguin chick hatches at Moody Gardens

“Simone is doing a doing a great job caring for this chick. While we are keeping a watchful eye on it and her I have full confidence that she will continue to take excellent care of her chick,” Diane Olsen, assistant curator, said. 

King penguin eggs usually take about 54 days to hatch and the chick will become full grown after about 10 months.

In addition to the king penguins, five other species, including gentoo, chinstrap, macaroni, and rockhopper penguins, are also housed at the South Atlantic Exhibit at Moody Gardens.

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