NE Houston family's stolen English bulldog returned days after break-in

HOUSTON – A northeast Houston family said they are thankful after their stolen dog was returned Wednesday.

On Tuesday, members of the Ruiz family said their house was broken into and their English bulldog, Boss, and a laptop were stolen.

Surveillance cameras recorded the crime.

Dora Ruiz put the surveillance video on social media, and Channel 2 ran a story about the dog being stolen.

Ruiz said on Thursday, she received a phone call from a blocked number saying the dog was on her street corner.

“I guess because they see their face everywhere all over the media, and they’re probably like, ‘You know what, let’s just give the dog up,'" she said.

Dora said Boss was really hungry, but otherwise seemed OK.

"He’s back home, he’s safe and back home,” she said.

The family had two other English bulldogs stolen in November, but they don't think they will ever see them again.

WATCH: Surveillance video of dog being stolen from home