Philadelphia Eagles' fans celebrate, rejoice in Houston

HOUSTON – Houston-based fans of the Philadelphia Eagles rejoiced Sunday night at Ladybirds bar at T.C. Jester Boulevard., and Allen Street.

Their Eagles are no longer the underdogs, winning Super Bowl LII 41-33 over the New England Patriots in Minneapolis.

“I feel amazing,” said Kristen O’Neil, who waited all her life for the win. “I feel like it’s a lifetime dream come true.”

It was like one big happy family. Strangers -- with their love of the Eagles being the only thing in common -- hugged, cheered and cried together throughout the game.

“I’m excited, said fan Sheena Boswell. “I actually moved here from Philadelphia a few years ago so just to come down here to be around these ecstatic Eagles fans is amazing. We’ve waited a long time for this.”

The energy was strong and the victory chants were plentiful. Each time the Eagles scored a touchdown, the crowd proudly sang, “Fly, Eagles, Fly.”

Philadelphia native Justin Anzaldua called it the second-greatest moment he’s lived to witness. The birth of his daughter came first.

“People said we weren't gonna be able to do it," he said. “People said we were gonna (sic) be one and done but nobody inside that bar, and nobody in Philadelphia and nobody in the Eagles locker room lost faith.”

Fans say they’re ecstatic their team beat Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and came out on top.