Texas voters displaced by Harvey could land on suspended voter list

HOUSTON – The March 2018 Primary is just around the corner.

Local elections will be held on March 6.

Some Harris County voters who were displaced during Harvey have found themselves on the voter suspension list and may be led to believe they will not be able to vote.

Channel 2 did some digging and discovered that is not the case.

What does suspension mean?

If you go online to the Harris County Tax Assessor & Voter Registrar’s office and see the word “suspension” next to your name, don’t panic. Suspension means the voter registrar’s office has been led to believe that you’ve moved and that your voter I.D. card has been marked as undeliverable. It does not mean you can’t vote.

What should I do if I see the word “suspension” next to my name on the Tax Assessor’s website?

You can download your voter I.D. card from the website. It contains all of the necessary information that you’ll need to vote. Harris County’s website is hctax.net.

Is there another way I can vote on Election Day if I’ve been displaced by Harvey?

Yes. When you go to your precinct to cast your ballot on Election Day, you will signs a “statement of residence” before you vote.

Are there are other resources available if I’ve been displaced by Harvey and have additional voting questions?

Yes. The state of Texas has a website. VoteTexas.Gov

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