Men seen on camera stealing $3K from woman's vehicle at auto store

HOUSTON – They are bold bank juggers, who strike in broad daylight.

At one point they were seen on surveillance video hanging out of the victim's truck they targeted.

Days later, broken glass was still scattered across the business parking lot where it happened.

It happened Tuesday afternoon at LD Trading, an auto parts store off Aldine Mail Route Road.

What the thieves probably weren't banking on was a really good security camera watching their every move, including the moment they pulled into the business' parking lot.

"You see how they drove. They're kind of professionals. They know what they're doing," Mike Lam, the owner of LD Trading, said.

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The smash-and-grab only took 30 seconds, but the crooks got away with about $3,000.

The victim said she had just left the bank after getting the cash and was shopping for car parts.

While the jugging victim is out thousands of dollars, Lam is doing what he can to catch the juggers.

He's spreading the surveillance video across social media with his fingers crossed that someone will recognize them.

"You want to do something? Go find yourself a job. Not like this," Lam said.

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