New complaints against promoter behind controversial snow day

HOUSTON – A Houston-area events organizer who was behind a controversial "snow day" entertainment event is on the hot seat again after she collected money from vendors for a vintage market show in February that has now been canceled.

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"Not even an email, a phone call. It's done by video," said a vendor who asked to remain anonymous.

A 17-minute Facebook video posted by Big Top Vintage Market organizer Melissa Jebril attempted to explain the foul-up.

"I have never taken deposits without having a signed contract. This was the first time I did -- definitely my fault," Jebril said in the video.

Jebril's event, which was originally scheduled to be held in Old Town Spring in February will not take place because the price of the venue doubled, she said.

Jebril's video never references refunds to vendors, but instead instructs them to look for three separate email messages to learn more about how the funds will be rolled over into an event at the Stafford Centre in July.

"I would have never paid a deposit knowing a contract was not signed," the vendor said.

Prior to Monday, that vendor said, they sent four separate email messages to Jebril were not answered.

On Monday, after Channel 2 Investigates contacted Jebril, the vendor said she received word that her money would be returned.

"We had to move locations. We moved all deposits to new location/date. Those who requested refunds have been granted. Those who chose to transfer have transferred. Done," Jebril told KPRC 2.