Houston Newsmakers Jan. 28: Congresswoman Jackson Lee on government shutdown, tax law, Harvey relief

Sheriff's office offers safety advice

HOUSTON – Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-18th) is a guest on this week’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall and says while there is a lot of divisiveness in Washington, D.C., the Texas delegation is united in trying to increase the amount of federal money for Hurricane Harvey issues. 

“The amount that came out of the House was not enough. It was $81 billion,” Lee said. “I met with the Senate about 10 days ago to say that we need to plus that money up! It’s $81 billion for everyone. That’s not enough. Texas could use $81 billion.”

VIDEO: Houston Newsmakers: Interview with Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee part 2

Lee also weighs in on the cause of the government shutdown, saying there was much more to it than how Republicans shaped the disagreement. 

“When you use smear tactics, it works and that’s tragic. And of course the Republicans used that Democrats were only trying to leave them behind on behalf of illegal immigrants. It was a nasty story that took hold,” she said. 

Lee said there are disagreements about our immigration laws but is optimistic about progress.

“We can negotiate and get this done,” she said. “We can have a credible Dreamer fix.”  

Lee also weighs in on criminal justice issues, cybersecurity and much more.


After the recent vicious murders of a Houston couple found tied up and shot to death, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office wants all of us to do more to keep our homes and communities safe.

Harris County Sgt. Keith Hall is a guest this week and says the Sheriff’s Office can provide many services to help. 

VIDEO: Houston Newsmakers: Interview with Sgt. Keith Hall

“We can come in and show you what you’re lacking, what you have that is already working for you. Cameras, your shrubs trimmed, your lighting has to be up to par,” Hall said. 

Hall talks about the services the county provides that go beyond making arrests.

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