Deputies arrest Houston-bound driver carrying more than 200 counterfeit items


BALDWIN COUNTY, Alabama – On Monday, authorities in Alabama discovered more than 200 counterfeit items including purses, wallets, belts and shoes when they stopped a truck carrying four people who said they were headed toward Houston.

The four people, identified by the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office as Jimy Alexander Torres-Mejia, Jessy Salazar, Fabio Ramon Matute Aguilar and Linda Johanna Rodriguez Serrano, told authorities they were headed to Houston after visiting Miami.

"They stated they had gone to Florida to ship perfume and furniture to one of their stores in Honduras via the Port of Miami," deputies said.

Deputies searched the car and said they found knock-off versions of Gucci, Versace, Coach, Chanel, Tory Burch, Louis Vuitton and more. Two large boxes of what deputies suspected were counterfeit perfume and cologne were also seized. 

During the investigation, deputies found that Torres-Mejia was wanted for deportation.

Deputies said Torres-Mejia and Salazar took responsibility for the counterfeit goods and said they were returning to Texas to sell them.

Both were arrested and charged with theft of trademark/trade secret and were jailed at the Baldwin County Corrections Center.