Leftover contractor debris mysteriously cleared after HOA threatens to fine Harvey victim

RICHMOND, Texas – Contractor debris that was previously left outside a Richmond woman's home has since been cleared Saturday morning.

The 85-year-old woman said she was facing a fine from her homeowners association because of Harvey-related debris outside her home.

Verda Blome lives in the Twin Oaks neighborhood in Richmond, which was devastated by floodwaters during Hurricane Harvey.

“Very, very stressful. I left by air boat, then to an ambulance because I was a diabetic,” said Blome, who had spent the night in her car while waiting to be rescued during Harvey.

She said she hired a new contractor to fix her home on Dec. 1, and he was placing Sheetrock, doors and other items outside her home.

Blome said she and her contractor were under the impression Fort Bend County was still picking up large piles of trash, but the county told KPRC the program ended in November.

“My point is, if they’ve picked it up before in Fort Bend County, what is the complaint now?” questioned Blome. “Since I’m not there, it’s growing by leaps and bounds because other people are piling their stuff on there now.”

Twin Oaks Village Community Association sent a letter to Blome saying the fine would be $25.

"Which is not very much, but then it says other removals and costs will be added to your account. If they've done this or know there's people who can do it for a set fee, why have they not shared that with us?” said Blome.

The 85-year-old lives by herself; her husband, who fought in World War II, died years ago. Blome volunteers at the Houston VA SICU, but hasn’t recently because she’s lived with her godson in Needville.

Her contractor told KPRC he worked on other homes in the neighborhood, left the trash outside and it was picked up, but that was before the county stopped the program. He previously said he would remove it, but Blome would be charged, and he didn’t give her an estimate for that from the beginning.

When Blome got home Saturday morning, all of the debris was gone. She says someone came out to her home and cleared out all of the trash.

Matt Graham, the Regional vice president for WCA Waste Corp, told KPRC that they were the ones who picked up the debris.

"We picked it up at 8 a.m. this morning with one of our collection crews. I just wanted Mrs. Blome to be made aware and not worry about it anymore," Graham said.

He said they are the disposal provider in Blome's neighborhood.