VIDEO: Brawl breaks out after college basketball game


PETERSBURG, Va. – Fans at a college basketball game captured video of a brawl between players and spectators Wednesday night, WRIC reported

The fight was so bad that authorities say some people could face criminal charges. 

Shocking video shows members of Elizabeth City State's men’s basketball team throwing punches with fans at the end of the match-up against Virginia State. 

In the video, you can see some of the fans watching the brawl in total shock while others rush over to break up the commotion.

"I was hearing because the other team was mad at us or something like that and then somebody swung," said Khalil Curry, a student, attended the game.  

Curry said the brawl ruined his experience. 

"I'm just happy it wasn't a shooting or anything like that,” he said. 

In the video, one of the Elizabeth City State University players is punching someone before a crowd of people rush over. 

A VSU spokesperson said the brawl started as the teams left the basketball court to go to their locker rooms. 

Virginia State defeated the Vikings, 67-64. 

"I take this as good because we didn't end up in the brawl, we didn't fight,” student Trevon Edwards said. “You didn't see our players there."

Students at the game say the entire Virginia State men's basketball team was inside of their locker rooms on the other side of the arena and had nothing to do with the brawl. 

Edwards commends them for their good sportsmanship. 

"People can't take a loss,” Edwards said. “I mean, at the end of the day, all I'm going to say is I'm proud of the Trojans. Obviously, we're not going to go into a brawl for no reason."

Virginia State University says it plans to increase security at sports games on its campus.