Car theft turns into abduction, chase, shooting in Spring Branch

HOUSTON – A vehicle theft turned into a kidnapping that then turned into a shooting in Spring Branch Wednesday night.

The convoluted situation has investigators gathering evidence from a pair of crime scenes.

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Authorities said three men in a car arrived at a home in the 6700 block of Schiller Street around 5:30 p.m. with intentions of stealing another vehicle from a home.

During the theft, a man noticed what was going on outside his home and confronted the thieves. The thieves kidnapped the man and stole the car, police said.

The son of the man who was taken by the thieves saw the commotion outside the home and got in another vehicle with some of his friends to give chase to the thieves, according to investigators.

During the chase, the son used the vehicle he was driving to ram one of the thieves' cars near the intersection of Long Point Road and Antoine Drive, police said.

"Here at Antoine and Long Point, he rammed the suspect in order to save his father from the kidnappers. That's when the shooting occurred," Lt. Larry Crowson with the Houston Police Department said.

Police said one of the thieves got out of the vehicle with an AR-15 and fired multiple shots, grazing one of the son's friends. He was not taken to the hospital.

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"The dude just pulled a big gun and just started shooting. It was a big gun," witness Tim Robinson said.

The father was able to get away from the thieves during the shooting, according to police.

The thieves took the vehicle the son was driving as well as their original vehicle and left the scene.

"The Chrysler hit this car. And that's when they hit my car. And that's when they both got out and they started wrestling and one of the dudes pulled out a big gun from his car," Robinson said. "They just started fighting right here. Shooting in broad daylight. Everybody was at the gas station. They tried to leave, run off."

One of the vehicles was found at a nearby park, according to authorities.

The investigation is ongoing.