Video shows comedian attacked on stage in South Carolina

Deputies say multiple people injured, including comic

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Laughs and applause were replaced with grunts and punches as the Comedy House in Columbia, South Carolina, became a fight club Sunday night.

Tumika LaSha was right in the middle of it and captured what happened in a video that went viral. She said it started when the comic, Steve Brown, noticed someone in the crowd "staring into space."

"I mean, I know I was eating my wings, and then, after, I heard the comedian say, 'What's your problem?' So, you know, everybody looked who he was talking to, and he was talking to a guy, and the guy was close to the front. He wasn't smiling. Like, he just had an attitude, like, 'Don't talk to me,'" LaSha said. "Next thing I know, I know the comedian was saying, 'This is not what you want.' So I looked and I saw the guy was getting up from the table. So when the comedian said, 'This ain't what you want,' the guy was coming toward him and trying to get to the stage. He (the comic) was trying to keep the guy off. The guy came around toward my table and jumped over my table to get to the stage."

At first, the man threw punches. Then, he threw a microphone stand, sending its heavy base flying into the crowd. Next, he threw a stool.

After being pulled away once, the man returned, shirtless, for round two. Deputies said he vanished before they could get there to arrest him.

Deputies said multiple people were injured, including the comic who took to Instagram on Sunday night.

"I'm sure y'all saw the video, and I'm good. I'm great," Brown said. "Y'all saw the skills? You know, the duck and move skills? But I'm going to tell y'all right now, some of these comedy clubs got to be held accountable for lack of security."

The Comedy House wouldn't comment on Brown's remark or the incident itself.

Meanwhile, as her video pulls in millions of views, LaSha hopes the attack won't give either Columbia or the Comedy House a bad name.

"Actually, I want to go back. Yeah, I want to go back," LaSha said.