Delivery driver puts packages in Garden Oaks trash can

HOUSTON – Neighbors in Garden Oaks are trying to understand why a contracted Amazon driver threw opened packages into a trash can.

A neighbor's surveillance video recorded a man exiting a white van wearing a yellow vest.

It appeared as if he was going to deliver the boxes, but instead, opens the garbage bin lid and dumped the packages.

“It was very bizarre because I immediately looked to see the box, who it belonged to and the label had been ripped off of it,” explained Jennifer Kelly.

She said she placed her trash bin out for Saturday pickup, but her bin was skipped over. She said when she was putting more garbage inside the bin, she saw the two Amazon boxes that didn’t belong to her.

“So I pulled both boxes out of my trash can and in one box was a full set of wooden hangers and then the second box was nursing pads, unopened,” Kelly said.

That’s when Kelly contacted her neighbors and one of them happened to have video of the driver putting the boxes in the bin.

WATCH: Amazon packages dumped in trash can

Kelly sent the video and pictures to Amazon, which responded immediately to Kelly and investigated.

“My goal was to kind of bring awareness to the fact we have so many issues in our neighborhood with packages not being delivered and this is probably not the  first time this has happened,” Kelly said. “So if we could just put a stop to our delivery people that we trust doing this, that’s why I wanted to bring it up to them.”

A representative for Amazon told KPRC over the phone that it’s still investigating, but the driver is not one of the company’s employees.

Amazon said the driver belongs to a courier service that is contracted to drop off Amazon packages.

Amazon said in a statement, “This does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery service providers. We are working closely with the delivery service provider as they investigate and will continue to work with customers on matters related to package delivery.”

As for the lost packages, Kelly said Amazon told her to box them up and that somebody would pick them up.