Seabrook hotel gives away furniture to Harvey victims

SEABROOK, Texas – The owners of a hotel in Seabrook decided that instead of selling old furniture they had to get rid of because of a renovation they would give it away to those in need.

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, many people lost everything. Hotel officials, who had housed many Harvey survivors through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, saw there were many who came to claim the furniture.

Captain Inn & Suites put out a call on its social media page Monday, with pictures showing coffee tables, desks, chairs and plants for those to take.

"I'm getting dressers for my kids," said Elizabeth Watkins, whose Houston home was wrecked. "We have seven kids so we need a lot of dressers."

On Tuesday, the Watkinses were ecstatic.

"We literally just went back to the house, and we're still living out of boxes and totes from everything that we've gone through, so this is like totally awesome," said Watkins.

The Watkinses spent Christmas living in hotels and just came home before the freezing temperatures earlier this month. It has been a journey.

"You know, having a baby -- and she was like five months at the time whenever all of this started -- it was really hard because, you know, you have to be a mom, and cleaning the house," Watkins said. "Everything's already a challenge anyway to go back and clean out the house."

But on the lawn of the hotel at 2901 NASA Parkway, anyone could come and take what they needed. As many survivors still struggle to get transportation, Mary Crunk volunteered her truck to help transport furniture.

"I've put a lot of miles on this truck," Crunk said. "It's been a blessing because I've been going back and forth between Dickinson and Texas City."

The furniture was a relief to people like Brandy Crossen.

"The devastation -- it really wiped us out over there," Crossen said. "Most everybody is in the same situation, so every little bit helps."

Captain Inn & Suites giving away furniture to those who need it: Please contact Lynda at 281-326-3301. The furniture list includes: headboards, dressers, nightstands, desks, desk chair, coffee table, end tables. You will have to pick it up from 2901 Nasa Parkway, Seabrook, TX Pick up is until 7pm today. Pick up tomorrow through request.

Posted by KPRC2 Rose-Ann Aragon on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Crunk said she aimed to inspire hope.

"Just rebuild, have hope and keep the faith that -- because something bad happened -- look at all the good that's happening," Crunk said.

She hoped to create light even for those going through the darkest of times.

"It was so great to have people come and love on us, and God has just provided," said Watkins.

Those looking to pick up furniture can head to Captain Inn & Suites at 2901 NASA Parkway in Seabrook. Pickup times will be until 7 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday based on available furniture. Those interested can call the hotel at 281-326-3301.