‘Tourniquet Killer' executed in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Texas – With a slight quiver in his voice, Anthony Allen Shore apologized to the families of his victims.

Shore then wished a friend Happy Birthday and told the warden he was “ready to go.”

Shore had been on death row since the mid-2000s and became the first person executed in 2018. Following the execution, city of Houston victims right’s advocate, Andy Kahan spoke on behalf of the families.

"Today is about Dana, Diana, Maria and Laurie," said Kahan as he stood across from the Huntsville Unit where executions are carried out.

Shore confessed to the rape, torture and murder of Dana Sanchez, 16, Laurie Tremblay, 15, Diana Rebollar, 9, and 21-year old Maria del Carmen Estrada. The murders took place between 1986 and 1995. As he spoke to reporters, Kahan held up pictures of the four victims, along with an obscured picture of a fifth victim who managed to survive.

"It has taken over 20 years for the victims' families to finally reach some pinnacle of justice," said Kahan. “Anthony Allen Shore's reign of terror is officially over."

Shore was nicknamed the “Tourniquet Killer” because he used homemade tourniquets to strangle his victims. Police eventually linked to Shore to the murders through his DNA, which was taken during a separate child rape investigation.

Before the lethal injection was given, Shore's final words were to the families.

Part of Shore’s statement was meant to quell lingering suspicions about more victims.

Shortly after the lethal injection was started, Shore suddenly said, “It really does burn. ‘Ooh-wee,’ I can feel that.”

Shore then closed his eyes and gave a final sigh. He was pronounced dead 13 minutes after the injection began.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s Jason Clark said it is not uncommon for some prisoners to feel the drugs going into their system.

No one from Shore's family witnessed his execution, family members of the victims left the prison unit without speaking publicly.

"Frankly, they were grateful that this roller-coaster, emotional ride that they've been put through has finally ended," said Kahan.

Here is Shore's last statement:

"I like (sp) to take a moment to say I'm sorry. No amount of words could ever undo what I've done. To the family of my victims I wish I could undo the past it is what it is. God bless all of you I will die with a clear conscious. I made my peace. There is (sp) no others. I will like to (sp) wish a Happy birthday to Barbara Carrol today is here (sp) birthday. I would like to specially (sp) thank those that have helped me you know who you are. God bless everybody until we meet again. I'm ready warden."

Text of Shore’s final statement before execution.

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