Man arrested for aggravated robbery on Lone Star College Cy-Fair campus, police say


CYPRESS, Texas – A man was arrested by Lone Star College police after they said he stole a student's phone on Dec. 14 at the college's Cy-Fair campus.

Authorities said Damon Lacour Wattell Jr. approached a student and asked to use his phone, but when the student refused, Wattell grabbed the phone and started to drive away.

WATCH: Lone Star College student attacked

The student held on to the car as it sped away, authorities said.

Police said the student was punched multiple times before he let go of the car.

"The only thing I feel right now, for pain, is in my neck and the arm that got stuck in the window," the student said at the time of the attack. "He parked right here and then he just rolled down his window and he was, like, 'Hey man, quick question. I'm a student here, do you mind if I please use your phone because my cellphone, mine died.' I was, like, 'Yeah that's fine but I would like to hold it and you tell me the number," Bravo said. "He started typing in numbers and then he slipped his fingers underneath the phone and he said, 'Give me that phone' and he snatched it out my hand then he tried to floor it."

The video shows the student grabbing the outside of the car and sticking a hand on the steering wheel. He said he tried to make the car hit a light pole.

"The whole entire time I was just trying to fight him and get my phone back," he said.

When the car stopped, Bravo said he was kicking the thief and the thief was hitting him in the face.

When the man threw the car into reverse, the student let go.

The assault was recorded on the victim's dash camera.

Wattell was arrested for the aggravated robbery on Jan. 9.