2 pit bulls attack owners, pets at Meyerland park

HOUSTON – When Danny Shaftel looks at his wife, his youngest daughter and his dog, he's relieved they are all safe.

A walk to Godwin Park in Meyerland on Monday afternoon turned violent for his wife, his daughter and their dog, Molly, when two dark gray pit bulls lunged at their dog.

“I was definitely scared,” Iris Shaftel said.

Iris Shaftel found herself fighting off the pit bulls with her 3-year-old daughter in a stroller beside her.

“Within seconds, they attacked my dog and my wife was trying to fight them off with what she had, which was a scooter,” Danny said.

Molly escaped the pit bulls thanks to an SUV driver who chased the dogs off with her vehicle.

“If the driver of that SUV sees this, I would like to thank them in person because they probably saved my dog and my wife and my kid,” Danny said.

Within 15 minutes and just a few blocks away, the Shaftel’s friend, Bruce Loeser, was out walking his dog.

Loeser said he ran into what must have been the same pair of dark gray pit bulls.

“I thought they just wanted to play with my dog and then they attacked her,” Loeser said. “One of them picked her up put her in their mouth and started to shake her.”

Loeser's hands bear the marks of what happened when he went to pick up his dog. Both thumbs are now wrapped in bandages.

“Both of them bit me, one on each side” Loeser said. “I got bites on both hands. And, she's got three puncture marks.”

Both dog owners want the pair of pit bulls found.

"The dogs are dangerous. They are going to kill somebody or kill somebody's pet," Danny said.

The dogs are described as dark gray pit bulls with no other markings. They weigh about 40 pounds. They did not have leashes or collars but in both cases the dogs were described as appearing well fed.