Drivers adjust to roadway restrictions in light of cold weather

HOUSTON – Drivers inbound on the Southwest Freeway at the West Loop clocked their speed at feet per hour, not miles per hour early Wednesday.  

When a slick overpass shut down the freeway, police moved drivers over to the right lane then off of the freeway, making it a slow process.

"It's horrible. I've been sitting in traffic for an hour and only went about three-to-four miles. So, it's pretty bad," said motorist Courtney Roberts.

Drivers who were inbound on the Southwest Freeway made their own exits. Some drivers jumped the curb while others zig-gagged, driving the wrong way down the on-ramp getting off of the freeway and away from the icy backup.  

David Meacham left Houston going back to Lake Charles. He said weather already delayed his trip by a day.

"It looks like there's a bad stretch over by the old river where they're bypassing things around.  Hopefully, we will be okay," he said.