You can mark Ed Emmett's dad joke off your ice-day bingo card

HOUSTON – When a winter storm coated Houston with a layer of ice Tuesday, schools were canceled and roads were impassable. Many people were left homebound as Old Man Winter howled outside.

What's there to do in the middle of an ice storm?

Enter "Houstonia Magazine" with a “Houston Ice Day” bingo card.

The news magazine tweeted a bingo card that included squares that only Houstonians could love, like “Google difference between sleet and snow,” “perform life-or-death trip to Spec’s” and “realize it’ll be 70 degrees by the weekend.”

One square got a little more attention than the others at a news conference Wednesday morning when Harris County Judge Ed Emmett decided to start with his stand-up routine.

“It was suggested to me that what I really needed to do was come out here and tell a joke this morning in order to break the ice,” Emmett said. As people chuckled, Emmett apologized for the obviously corny joke.

As it turned out, the wisecracking judge was only trying to help out those bingo players looking to mark the square labeled, “Ed Emmett makes dad joke live on TV.”

KPRC 2 News Today anchors Owen Conflenti and Rachel McNeill asked Emmett about the moment of levity.

“Evidently, there is this bingo game going around where there’s a square that says ‘Judge Emmett says dad joke,’ so that was my dad joke,” Emmett said with a smile.

So, who has bingo?

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