As cold temperatures stun Houston area, take care when considering bringing wild animals inside

HOUSTON – As temperatures fall throughout Houston, be sure to carefully think it over before bringing frozen, wild animals into your home.

A Spring woman spotted a frozen lizard on her patio table and brought it inside to thaw out on a houseplant, subsequently bringing it back to life. 

While the lizard in this case was of small-stature, a Florida man had a much bigger problem on his hands. 

In an interview with National Public Radio, Ron Magill, with Zoo Miami,  told the story of a man in Key Biscayne, Florida, who was originally from Central America. The man, who remains unidentified, was excited to see the frozen iguanas in Florida's recent temperature drop, as iguana is considered a delicacy where he is from, Magill said. 

The man picked up the gray, unmoving iguanas and loaded them up in his vehicle, "like he was stocking up for a big barbecue," Magill said. 

As he began driving with his haul, the iguanas began thawing out and awoke from their frozen state. It was when the iguanas began "running around in the car" that the man caused a car accident, Magill said. 

While there are green iguanas present in Texas, according to officials with the Texas Invasive Species Institute, it's unlikely you'll run into them in Houston as they prefer the southern regions.