Rockets guard posts emotional video about Hurricane Harvey

Gerald Green raises awareness about storm impact still being felt


HOUSTON – Rockets newcomer Gerald Green continues to do impressive things on the hardwood. But the Houston native is also getting attention for something he did off the court.

On Tuesday, the Rockets guard did a live video on Instagram to raise awareness about what his hometown is still dealing with after Hurricane Harvey. 

The video included an emotional exchange with a woman who has been living in a tent outside her storm-damaged home. Green told her she couldn't stay there and that he would help her get into a hotel.

Green then told viewers watching the video: "Would you want that to happen to you if you ain’t have it? See, I come from that, so I know I ain’t have it. So if this were to happen to me, man, I’d be in the same situation. So now I’m in the situation where I can help and I’m gonna help, man. This is what it’s supposed to be, man. We gonna help people out. Harvey has devastated Houston, but we gonna get it back. I promise you that.”

Green also posted a photo on his Instagram account with this caption: "I want to take the time to thanks @traeabn @djmrrogers @reliefgang for showing me the work they doing in Houston! This can’t go unheard anymore. It’s time as a City we come together and help those that REALLY NEED IT. If we don’t do it, WHO WILL?#runasone"

Green is a league veteran who has played for 8 NBA teams in his 13-year career, including a short stint with the Rockets in 2007-2008. He returned to the Rockets at the end of 2017.