Restaurant Report Card: Rat droppings, alive and dead cockroaches found inside local hot spots

HOUSTON – It’s a brand new year and the intrepid inspectors with the Houston Health Department are more fired up than ever to track down restaurant violations that put you in danger when you eat out.

“I think the job we do is very, very important and I think the reason is because most people are not aware of all the dangers that occur in a food establishment," restaurant inspector Larry Goodman said.

Kicking off this New Year’s edition of the Restaurant Report Card is Little Napoli on Texas Avenue, where inspectors found rat droppings on the floor near the ice cream freezer and what they described as a “roach infestation” around one of the columns next to the food slicers.

Speaking of cockroaches, inspectors found dead cockroaches at El Catrachito on Dashwood Drive.

Here, the health team found a live roach on the freezer and dead cockroach carcasses on the wall and floor near that freezer.

Moving right along to the Golden Hunan restaurant on Durham, where restaurant inspectors discovered two adult German cockroaches and three baby cockroaches in the wheel well of the reach-in cooler.

This report card wraps up with a visit to Les Givrals on Washington Avenue, where the health department found what is described as “debris and dead cockroaches throughout the kitchen and storage areas.”

And there are congratulations to hand out.File: RRC Golden Hunan_20180104173649

This week, we are honoring Pepper Twins, the sensational Szechuan restaurant in Montrose.

The crew there earned a perfect restaurant inspection report, so they win KPRC’s coveted A-Plus Award for cleanliness and I am sending them the first "Booyah!" of the New Year.