Houston-area school uniform supplier temporarily shutters doors with outstanding orders

HOUSTON – “I'm mad, I need the kids' clothes," said Olga Nino, whose kids go back to parochial school on Monday, so she drove 40 minutes from Pasadena to Parkers School Uniforms in Bellaire to buy some supplies.

She discovered the place where she normally shops is temporarily closed, according to a sign posted on the door.

It’s the first she’s hearing about this.  

“I did look at the website, it says 'open now.' So, that's why we took off buy our supplies,” Nino said.

Chuck Nie was checking on the status of his order at the company’s store on Memorial when we caught up with him.  He says he paid for the uniforms in mid-October and still hasn’t received them.  

“I called two numbers and both went to the same voicemail and they referred me to their website which is a blank page,” Nie said. Parker basically has a monopoly on private school uniform distribution across the Houston area.

Parents, are left scrambling, unsure what to do.

Channel 2 Investigates first did the story back in August after frustrated parents contacted us about not receiving school uniforms they paid for.

A man who answered the door at the company’s headquarters in Northwest Houston said they are working on a plan to notify customers about their paid orders but wouldn't say why the stores were temporarily closed.

Parents we talked to say they’ll be looking to their kids’ school principal for guidance until they get some answers. 

The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston responded to the issue, stating:

The Archdiocese has been aware that Parker School Uniforms was experiencing numerous challenges. In response, the Catholic Schools Office has already  been in discussions with other uniform suppliers and vendors. We do not believe that this recent  development with Parker School Uniforms will have a long-term negative impact  on our schools.

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