Woman collects heaters, blankets for Harvey victims

HOUSTON – A woman who has helped organize items and take in donations for people displaced by Harvey in the Kingwood area is now collecting blankets and heaters to distribute to them as well.

Since Hurricane Harvey, Kim Benz has been on a mission to help out her Kingwood community.

"I was sitting here one day and I was like, there are so many people living in campers and trailers and homes with no walls, and it just dawned on me they needed space heaters," Benz said.

Last year's storm displaced many in Kingwood, and Benz, who is also a relief coordinator for Journey Church, has been working through phone calls and social media to get heaters and blanket to families who are still in need.

"We really try to help those people who are still trying to get back on their feet," Benz said. "They're rebuilding their houses."

Benz, using money from the church that was raised for Harvey victims, went to Lowe's to buy heaters. While there, a man asked her why she had so many heaters. After she explained her mission, the stranger offered to buy one and donate it to her cause.

"It just touched me to see a complete stranger that just really wanted to help as well," Benz said. "I think it's a great thing for that kindness and compassion to continue into 2018. I think everybody should remember that and not let that go just because the year ended."

Click here if you would like to buy and donate a blanket.