Woman finds 2 horses running wild in SW Houston street

HOUSTON – One woman was surprised to see what she believed were wild horses roaming the streets of southwest Houston. 

"It's like one of those 'Only in Texas' moments,'" said Lynnea Roth, a southwest Houston resident.

Roth was on her way home on Bellaire Blvd, Friday morning, after dropping her daughter off when she saw what she never expected.

"All of a sudden two wild -- I think wild -- horses came running into the street right at the parking lot at Little Woodrow's," Roth said.

So, Roth did what her gut told her to do. She turned around parked, and got out of her car to try and help -- somehow.

"They just started trotting down the street. The funny thing is, it was like a mothering instinct. 'Oh my goodness. I have to help them,'" Roth said. 

"I have no training with horses!" she laughed.

Roth called West University Police.

The horses, she said, made their way eastward on Bellaire Boulevard, passing Little Woodrow's and trotting right into a nearby construction site. Luckily, construction worker Victor Cruz and his cousin did have some training with horses.

"We were putting this steel building up, and (the horses) just came in, and we went after them," Cruz said.

Though, Cruz never expected to experience that.

"This is a first time this has ever happened to me in my life," Cruz said.

His cousin, also a construction worker, Jose Cruz, knew exactly what to do.

"We grabbed some rope from the truck," Victor Cruz said.

Jose Cruz made a lasso. He said his father taught him how. Jose Cruz wrangled the two horses and held them until police came.

West University Police helped out, despite the area not being part of their jurisdiction. Police said the horses were not wild. They had just escaped from from their stables somewhere in Houston.

Residents said there were stables in an area behind Little Woodrow's. Police said the owner came and picked them up, and no one was hurt.

Roth said it was an odd but special experience.

"It's such a magical moment to be part of," Roth said.

"It's a good story. Something different," Victor Cruz said.