How displaced Hurricane Harvey victims are preparing for freezing temps

HOUSTON – The forecasted cold temperatures will add insult to injury to some who were hit hard by Hurricane Harvey earlier this year. 

It’s been months since the storm hit, but people in the Lakewood neighborhood in Northeast Houston are still getting back on their feet. 

"It's hard, but you have to sleep somewhere," said Petra Cervantes, a Harvey victim.

For months, Cervantes and her family has been living in front of their home in a tent. As of two weeks ago, she moved back into her house that have new sheet rock before the freezing temperatures arrive.

"Of course I'm happy, to be inside, I sent a guy to fix my heater at least. The AC unit is not working. I don't need it though. You know, with this cold weather, whose going to need it?" Cervantes said. 

But there are others who are still struggling in her neighborhood.

"I'll be sleeping in my car tonight, tomorrow and the next day," said Jerold Thomas, a Harvey victim.

Thomas said he, his son and girlfriend have been sleeping in their car. Thomas said his son is with his godparents for right now, but they’ll brace the cold weather in the car.

"It's really scary to know that, but I can't control it. I can't control the weather. I can't control what's going on. All I know is when the hurricane came it changed a lot," Thomas said. 

But even through all of this, the neighborhood is rallying together to help one another -- even when they don't have much.

Neighbors told KPRC 2 volunteers from the Woodlands were in the neighborhood Saturday, passing out blankets.

Thomas said he also participated in volunteering, despite being a victim himself.