Saying 'goodbye' forever to your Elf on the Shelf


HOUSTON – Year after year, you're expected to come up for new things for your little elf to get into, causing all sorts of mischief.

But the time has come for your Elf on the Shelf to retire to The North Pole, whether it be your child is too old, or perhaps you're just over it. 

Now, how are you supposed to break the news to your little ones that Buddy isn't coming back next year? 

Perhaps your little elf could write a farewell letter to your child, like Allison Andrews' elf from Good Housekeeping. The letter reassures the child that he or she was a good elf owner and gives them tips on how to be a loving and thoughtful individual and how to be giving to those in need. 

It also gives the child something to look forward to when he or she has children of their own.