Man disappears after leaving Cypress to buy car in Tyler

CYPRESS, Texas – What was supposed to be a day trip to Tyler turned into a mystery after a Cypress man never returned home.

Alberto Arias left his wife Bianca and three children last Wednesday, Dec. 13 to buy a car in the town about 200 miles away.

"He said, 'Right now, I’m going to look at this car and I’ll be right back,'” Bianca said.

That was Wednesday morning, the last time they spoke.

When Alberto didn’t answer his phone several hours later, Bianca said she thought his phone might have died, but she expected him to walk in the door any minute.

The next day, Bianca was so worried she drove to Tyler, stopping at several cities and police departments along the way. She filed a missing person report, and headed home, stopping at several other locations along the way to search for him.

Bianca got in touch with the person who planned to sell Alberto the car. He said Alberto decided not to buy it, they ate lunch together, and Alberto left for Houston.

On Monday, Tyler police found Alberto’s Ford Expedition at a restaurant 40 minutes from Tyler, headed away from Houston.

The sheriff warned Bianca that sometimes people live double lives, but Bianca said she knows better.

“I know he’s not going to do this to us,” Bianca said, crying. “Especially during Christmas. His kids need him. Please. Send him back.”