Spencer Solves It: Bill's Brigade helps single mother struggling with sickness, tragedy

SAN LEON, Texas – On a chilly morning in San Leon, Texas, Jessica Richardson reads a Christmas story to 3-year-old Lilliana and 8-year-old Traeton.

But Jessica’s life, especially over the last 12 months, has been anything but a fairy tale.

“They took my kids' father, they took my best friend, they took my happiness,” Jessica said while wiping, wiping tears from her eyes.

After agreeing to marry the love of her life, a man she had known since high school, her fiancé, 35-year-old Lucas Strark, Jessica learned she was pregnant and was going to have Lucas’ baby.

And then, out of nowhere, suddenly and horribly, Jessica’s future husband was brutally robbed and murdered, after after agreeing to help a man and a woman who claimed their car had broken down in Danville, Illinois.

The couple asked Lucas for a jump, and according to Jessica, the man then attacked Lucas when he turned his back.

“They said they needed a jump and they had their car right down the road, and when he went there, he went there, they tried to rob him. They shot him four times, but only one of the bullets hit him. They left him there and when someone finally arrived to help, it was too late, he had lost too much blood,” Jessica said.

Lucas was gone.

A week later at his funeral service, Jessica remembered sitting in agony feeling her unborn baby kicking inside her.

“I cannot tell you the special kind of torture it is, to being there at his services and feeling his son kicking,” Jessica said.

Suddenly left all alone and with two young children to support, more bad news came. Jessica, who is battling multiple sclerosis, was hit with a terrible attack of herthe disease, parts. Parts of her mouth and throat felt paralyzed and she was having trouble swallowing.

“This was the most aggressive attack,. I thought I was going to lose my ability to breathe on my own. This disease can cause you to stop breathing, to stop walking, talking, swallowing,” Jessica said.

Unable to work and unable to provide a Christmas for her children, that’s when Jessica wrote to Spencer Solves It for help.

Now, thanks to Randy Hartley, an incredibly generous member of Bill’s Brigade, Jessica is about to get some fantastic news.

“Jessica, it would be my honor if you would please accept this Visa card certificate for $1,000. I know what you’ve been going through,” Randy said.

With that, Randy handed Jessica two Visa Gift Cardsgift cards worth $1,000 that she will be able to use anywayany way she wants.

“Oh, thank you, may I hug you, thank you so, so much,” Jessica said while wrapping her arms around Randy.

Now, Jessica is actually seeing the spirit of Christmas, the spirit of giving, playing out right before her eyes.

“I feel blessed,” Jessica said as the tears continued to stream down her face.

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