World War II vet takes on burglar


WTMJ – A World War II veteran fought off a burglary suspect with the help of his daughter in their West Allis, Wisconsin home.

Frederick Bennett, 95, was watching TV around 7 p.m. when his dog Hugo started barking.  The former Marine got up to check it out.

He looked in the kitchen then noticed the closed bedroom door. He tried to open it but it got stuck.

"So I am leaning like this and the guy is standing flat against the wall and I'm almost nose to nose to him," Bennett said.

Bennett yelled at the man to get out of his house.

"At first I told him, 'What are you doing here?' Then I told him, 'Get the hell out of here,'" Bennett said. "Then he stopped and then he said, 'I want your wallet, give me your wallet. Cause I'll kill ya. I'll kill the dog.'" 

The veteran grabbed the burglar by his collar and pants and tried to throw him out his back door.  But the burglar grabbed Bennett's wallet.  

"Then I was mad. Then I was trying to get the wallet back from him and I was reaching around his waist and we both went down on the floor," Bennett said.

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