Restaurant Report Card: Roaches land all over inspectors' reports

HOUSTON – Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

It’s especially true in the restaurant business where your health is at stake.

At the Cool Runnings Jamaican Grill on West Bellfort, health inspectors found two critical violations involving cleanliness.

Inspectors reported finding cockroaches in the kitchen and slime in the ice machine.

“Roach activity in the back room behind the ice machines,” the report read.

The inspectors ordered the restaurant to eliminate the roaches.

At Dim Sum King on Bellaire Boulevard, heath inspectors found some problems, namely cockroaches in the broiler room and cockroaches on top of the food preparation cooler.

The restaurant was given a citation and ordered to get rid of the insects.

Another establishment with a roach problem was the Alonti Deli on Fannin Street.

There, inspectors discovered “roaches on the back wall where the grease drum is located and inside the grease closet.”

The restaurant was ordered to eliminate the roaches.

We say it all the time, food temperature and storage is important.

File: Restaurant Reports - Dec. 14, 2017

But at the Café and Bakery Mucho Mexico, health inspectors found trouble with both.

They found raw chicken and raw beef stored in the same container, which is dangerous. They also reported chicken, beef and beans being stored off-temperature.

All of that food was deemed not safe for human consumption.

Next up was Fuego’s Saloon on Durham Drive. There, inspectors found slime in the ice machine. They reported finding a mixture of yellow and black slime under the ice deflector shield.

We wrap up this Restaurant Report Card at the Acme Fish Market on Homestead Road. Inspectors found slime in the ice machine.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story showed an image of Fuego's Saloon with the headline of roaches in inspection reports. Fuego's was not reported for a roach violation, but for slime in the ice machine as the article text correctly stated.