METRO board honors employee after he pulls 2 out of burning vehicle

HOUSTON – The METRO Board of Directors honored a METRO technician after he saved two people from a burning car last month.

“The car was smoking when I got there and I could see the spark. It got more intense, little by little,” Leang Ear, a METRO technician said.

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Surveillance video captured his act of heroism.

“When I looked over, I noticed there was a crash. A car got smashed,” Ear said.

A driver slammed into a pole at the rail crossing on Harrisburg Boulevard and 66th Street on Nov. 20. Working his overnight shift, Ear ran to help, but a fire sparked as he spotted a woman in the passenger’s seat.

“I managed to pull her out of the window because the door was jammed and dragged her to safety,” he said.

Then, he rushed to the driver’s side. The door was stuck but after a few tries, he opened it. A man inside was trapped.

He “just jerked on it several times. It didn't work the first couple of times which was terrifying to me considering it (the fire) was getting more intense,” Ear said.

Finally, Ear pulled the man out.

“It was a great sigh of relief for me. I was very relieved,” he said.

During Thursday’s meeting, the board of directors presented Ear with an award for his sacrifice and courage.

Many now call him a hero.

“I think that what I did probably anyone or most people would’ve done. I’m just happy they’re safe. They’re alive," he said.

The man and woman injured in the crash are out of the hospital. Ear hoped to meet them very soon.

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