3 men smash truck into Porsche dealership in SW Houston

HOUSTON – Police are looking for three men who smashed a truck into the side of a Porsche dealership in southwest Houston.

According to police, around 3 a.m. the men rammed a pickup truck into the gate of the Momentum Porsche dealership in the 10100 block of Southwest Freeway.

"It's a lot more of a mess than a lot of damage," Porsche Momentum general manager Mike Denney said.

Crews swept shattered glass off the showroom floor of Porsche Momentum in southwest Houston on Monday morning. The glass was from the very expensive Porsche-made doors and several broken car windows.

"There's nothing in here to steal unless you have the keys to a cars and you can run them through the window and get them out of here," Denney said.

Police said thieves weren't after the luxury cars. They said three men wearing hoodies rammed a truck into the front gate, smashed through the glass doors and ran straight for a safe in a back office.

"I think it's somebody who came in here, they saw the safe sitting there and maybe looked around and maybe there was an opportunity," Denney said.

Police said the men wrapped a chain around the safe, which the general manager said was empty.

They tried to pull it out with the truck, but the chain snapped and the men ran away.

"They took a long 60- or 50-foot chain; they tied it up to one of the safes. They attempted to pull out of the building. It got stuck," Houston Police Department Sgt. Matthew Ham said.

Officers with K-9 chased the group and found the men's clothes and gloves but were unsuccessful at arresting them.

The Porsche Momentum general manager was puzzled but glad there wasn't more damage.

"There's nothing in here that's worth tearing up a whole dealership to get to," Denney said.

The dealership's security team was working to give police its surveillance video

It said the repairs could take weeks.

Anyone with information about the break-in should call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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