Would-be burglars break home security camera at NE Houston home

HOUSTON – Take a close look at the duo hard at work busting out a security system doorbell at a home in the 12000 block of Diakovic Drive in northeast Houston.

The camera is tied to an app and alerted the homeowner and his wife, who were out shopping.

"She immediately noticed (that) they started hitting the camera out of nowhere. That's when she panicked," Javier Zapata said.

Zapata quickly called his neighbors to check on his home.

Before they could get there, the pair had already left.

Still, Zapata said, their intentions were obvious.

"What helped out was my wife. She hit the panic button on the phone, which alerted them as to not to come in," Zapata said.

What makes this story even more troubling is what the Zapata family has already been through.

They were flooded out by Hurricane Harvey nearly three months ago and have barely started the process of renovating.

WATCH: Would-be burglars break camera at NE Houston home

They've since shared the attempted burglary video and pictures on social media and contacted police, who are working to track down the duo.

The bottom line is that the family says not only has their sense of security been shaken, they also believe this likely isn't the only home these two have tried to rob.

"A lot of us work to get what we have and for them just to come in and try to get whatever they want for free is not right," said Zapata.

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