Man pleads guilty to possession of child pornography, forgery

Sentenced to 6 years in prison


PECAN GROVE, Texas – A Pecan Grove man has pleaded guilty to the felony charges of possession of child pornography and forgery of a government instrument.

On Nov. 29, Christopher Paul Cashman, 42, accepted a six-year prison sentence in an agreement with prosecutors, according to the Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office.

The District Attorney's Office said undercover software alerted investigators that someone in Fort Bend County was downloading images of child pornography in 2015. After further investigation, a search warrant was obtained for the suspect's residence in Pecan Grove.

Upon execution of the search warrant in September 2015, Cashman was found to be in possession of multiple videos of child pornography, the District Attorney's Office said.

While on bond for the above charge, investigators said Cashman forged receipts that purported to be from Fort Bend County Pretrial Services. The falsified receipts showed that Cashman had paid his bond supervision fees, which were in fact not paid, and which formed the basis for the additional forgery charge.

"This case highlights the importance of undercover internet investigations and reminds us that a child predator can live anywhere," said Assistant District Attorney Katie Peterson. "Law enforcement must remain ever vigilant and proactive to protect our most valuable resource:  our children."