Click2Daily: 5 Things to Know about Memorial Park's new Eastern Glades

HOUSTON – If you have driven down Memorial Drive lately, then you've seen the construction on the east side of Memorial Park.  

There is even a new turn lane and new traffic lights as well. There will soon be a new loop on the east side of the running loop.  

We first showed you back in April about how workers are preparing to build a lake and picnic area on the east side of the park. They will name it the "Eastern Glades."

Here are five things you need to know about the construction on the east side of Memorial Park:

1. When complete, the running loop will be a full three miles.

Right now the length is about 2.9 miles. This may not seem like a lot. But to competitive runners and walkers, this is a big deal. Sarah Newbery of Uptown Houston said, "That's something that the running community let us know is really important to them. And this project will also offer new restroom facilities. So you will no longer have to stop at a porta potty. You're going to have a real bathroom."

2. The new road on the eastern side of the park is nearing completion.

It will connect Memorial Drive to the existing road around the running loop. However, it is expected to open in late Spring 2018 after the new restroom and additional parking are complete.

3. A new lake is coming to Memorial Park.

If you drive along the current road on the east side of the running loop, you will see a small retention pond. President and CEO of the Memorial Park Conservancy Shellye Arnold said, "That is a detention pond that services the work that we're doing now. Within the next few years, we will convert it into being a five-acre lake and wetlands. Five to five and a half acre lake and wetlands that will be a really wonderful, fitting, new ecology, new habitat for the park that complements what's here."

4. What will the new "park within a park include?"

It will have new picnic pavilions, a nine-acre lawn and tall trees.

5. When will it all be complete?

The entire Eastern Glades project is expected to be complete in 2021. For the latest on the project, visit www.memorialparkconservancy.org.

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Posted by KPRC2 Ryan Korsgard on Tuesday, December 5, 2017