Don't be a victim of the Grinch this holiday season, police say

HOUSTON – Houston police are warning residents not to become a victim of the Grinch this holiday season.

HPD released staged surveillance video of a thief dressed up in a Grinch costume Monday morning to illustrate their point.

In the video, the Grinch steals from an unlocked vehicle and then performs a "slider" crime in which his furry green paws snatch an item from a driver pumping gas at a gas station.

The surveillance video was released at a Monday news conference held by Police Chief Art Acevedo and Houston-area retailers group called the Greater Houston Loss Prevention Alliance.

In a subsequent press release, HPD released a description of the "suspect," saying he is "a green-faced individual wearing a Santa hat, Santa shirt and green tights. He has been described as having furry hands and feet."