Mother claims daughter was raped; accused attacker returning to school

CYPRESS, Texas – A mother of a teenage girl who allegedly was raped by her ex-boyfriend expressed outrage Thursday over word the boy would be allowed to return to the same high school as her daughter.

Both students attend Langham Creek High School, within Cypress Fairbanks ISD, KPRC2 has learned.

"The school is failing to protect my child," said Nadine Lavalais, mother of the alleged victim.

The rape did not occur at school, Lavalais said. Rather, it took place in July at the attacker's home, according to Lavalais.

"She has been sexually assaulted," Lavalais said. "All we're asking is that he be transferred to another school; so that my daughter does not have to relive what trauma he did to her."

The alleged attacker has been charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault, according to a letter addressed to Lavalais from the Harris County District Attorney's Office. KPRC2 will not disclose his name, as he was underage when the charge was filed.

The case is ongoing.

Cypress Fairbanks ISD had assigned the suspect to an alternative school, according to Lavalais. However, that assignment ended Thursday, she said, with the school district allowing him to return to Langham Creek High School.

Lavalais attempted to appeal the move, citing psychological wounds. She also presented a letter from a counselor, suggesting her daughter spend her school day in the counselor's office, or be transferred elsewhere.

Lavalais said she met Wednesday with school administrators, who decided doing so would deprive Lavalais' daughter of valuable instruction time. Instead, they configured a plan they said would keep both students separated throughout the school day.

"I have gone through everybody in the school district trying to get this to stop, to protect my child, and none of them have compassion for her," Lavalais said.

A spokesperson for Cy-Fair ISD said the school district could not comment on the case, citing a need to protect both students.

Therein lies the challenge. The accused is innocent, until proven otherwise. Also, Langham Creek is his assigned school.

Lavalais expressed doubt that the matter has been handled fairly.

"I understand the point that he needs to be protected, but if you're bring accused and you've already been charged with sexual assault, you should be put into a different school. You should not be able to harm the victim more than you've already done," Lavalais said.

Lavalais said her daughter does not feel comfortable attending Langham Creek and she has requested a transfer. She also is looking into other options.

"At this point, we have no option but we have to put our house up and sell it so that she can get away from this," she said.