Houston police identify serial bank robber

Houston – Police search for a man who robbed a bank twice and robbed third bank three days later.

Christopher Columbus Parker, 58, has a long history of thefts and assaults, going back to 1995. But it he’s recently taken a liking to banks -- one in particular, according to Houston police.

VIDEO: Serial bank robber identified

On Oct. 25, he arrived at the Smart Financial Credit Union at 4411 S. Wayside in a Jaguar sedan. Officials said he went inside and demanded money from the teller. When he got it, he complained it wasn't enough, and said he’d be back. That wasn't an idle threat. 

Two days later, he returned, and robbed the bank again, officials said. 

“It’s pretty brazen,” HPD Robbery Detective Dave Helms said. “Pretty brazen to walk into the same bank you robbed the first time and think somebody won’t notice you again.”

Five days later, police believe Parker came back to the bank to rob it a third time. But by then  a police officer was on guard. Police said Parker drove to another Smart Financial Credit Union office on the north loop and robbed it. 

For weeks, investigators didn't know who he was until a Channel 2 viewer recognized him from the bank’s surveillance video. 

“This person noticed the vehicle on a news report you aired and subsequently called in and said I know who the bank robber is,” Helms said.
Now police have his name and a warrant for his arrest. 

Police believe he’s still in the city, somewhere. They’re asking anyone who has seen him to call crime stoppers, which is offering a reward of up to $5,000.
Parker is charged with two counts of robbery by threat and could face up to 40 years in prison is convicted.