Caught on camera: Driver hits motorcyclist in road-rage incident

HOUSTON – A man’s is sharing his dash camera video after he recorded what appeared to be an act of road rage near the 610 Loop and US 59.

The video shows a silver car almost rear ending a motorcyclist, cutting off the motorcyclist and bumping into it.

WATCH: Motorcycle road rage caught on dash cam

“My first reaction was if he goes down, he’s going tumbling in the next lane, they can’t see it, he's going to get run over, he could possibly get killed,” explained Frederick.

He said the tension leading up between the two motorists and that the motorcyclist was already frustrated for a near miss a couple minutes beforehand.

“At the beginning of my video you’ll see a dark gray BMW SUV, it actually starts getting over on the motorcycle and she saw him at the last minute she jerked back over and she waited until she was clear of him,” explained Frederick. “He was pretty frustrated already, he had revved his pipes at her and stuff and you know he was scared, and not long after that I start to accelerate, out of my peripherals I see that a silver Ford Fusion (was) getting over on him.”

He said the driver in the Ford almost clipped the motorcyclist, and he was upset, shaking his head and threw up a few hand gestures.

“She, the driver of the car, got completely behind him and she started driving really aggressively, a couple times in the video,” he explained.

The video shows the two vehicles on the ramp. The driver of the Ford swerves, then nearly side-swiped the motorcyclist.

"I saw that he was sticking his leg out, clearly it smashed his leg and he was kind of hurt he started getting on the shoulder and I saw someone else pulling over to check if he was all right,” explained Frederick.

He said the woman didn’t stop, so he continued to follow and called 911.

"I was like, this lady is running, so my instinct was like, I'm going to chase her down, I took off and continued to chase her down,” he said.

Frederick said another driver was already following too and yelled at the person to go back to the scene.

He called police to follow up, but not sure what happened after he spoke with dispatch. Frederick said he bought the $35 camera for added insurance for himself, but said he wants to share this video with the motorcyclist to help out.

"You see all kinds of things and people acting erratically, but that is by far the most extreme thing I've seen."

He said his main goal is to urge drivers to be aware of motorcyclists and also to pack the patience while on the road.

"Taking road rage too far, she was in the wrong from the get go, he may have upset her by her hand gestures, but it was completely wrong,” he explained.

He spoke with the Houston Police Department on Friday and was not able to get an update on what happened, but was asked to turn in the video.