Operation Stocking Stuffer founder Lorugene Young dies at 75

HOUSTON – For more than 30 years, the toy drive that is now called "Operation Stocking Stuffer" has helped bring smiles to children in our area during the holiday season.

The woman who founded the event, Lorugene Young, has died at the age of 75. 

Before Christmas every year, families line up to receive presents for their children. While it takes an army of people to pull off the operation, it began with just one woman.

By all accounts, Lorugene Young lived her life to serve others.

More than three decades ago, the schoolteacher saw a need in her community and a toy drive was born.

Her home, her truck and soon her school would be filled with donations.

Young insisted that every member of her family help. As children, it's not something they understood. 

"I never understood why we had to go out to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving before we could eat. I never understood why we had to go give out toys before we could open up our own toys, but now I understand," Sharae Young,  her daughter, said.

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