7 trends seen at the 2017 Nutcracker Market

(Amanda Cochran/KPRC)
(Amanda Cochran/KPRC)

HOUSTON – Nutcracker Market 2017 is full of the things you love: home décor, wreaths, Christmas ornaments, clothing, jewelry and much, much more. But each year, some trends emerge from the things you come to expect. 

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Here are 7 trendy items or ideas we saw this year at the Nutcracker Market:

1. Texas Strong/Houston Strong

The entire Houston area is still recovering from Hurricane Harvey, and retailers at the Nutcracker Market are showing their support through handicraft. Signs, shirts, mugs and more are sporting support for Houston and Texas. 

2. Astros

The Astros big World Series win is an important moment in our city’s history, and some retailers are making the most of that moment, mixing the Astros win with the upcoming holiday season. One T-shirt at the market read, “Dear Santa, Thanks for the ring!”

3. Personalized everything

From bags to cups, many Nutcracker Market shoppers waited in line or searched for their initial to personalize their holiday shopping. 

4. Spectacular woodworking

The Nutcracker Market woodworking merchants are on point. From the wine casks turned into lazy Susans to the turquoise inlay furniture and intricate carvings, the craftsmanship is stunning and something to see in person. 

5. Bling

A man working at one of the larger merchants at the Nutcracker Market was covered in glitter from head to foot from handling wreaths.

Bling is the name of the game in holiday decorating, and it shows at this year’s market. Glitter adorns flower arrangements, swags for your door and drips from everything from candles to ornaments. However, the shine doesn't stop at decor: Jewelry isn’t just beads or charms -- the Nutcracker Market has luminous beads and sparkling charms that reflect in every light. 

6. Poking fun at the holidays

“Go Jesus, It’s Your Birthday” isn’t a T-shirt for everyone, but the market is banking on someone finding that fun and buying it. This year’s market doesn’t take itself seriously, with more than a few options that poke fun at the indulgences of the season. A towel at one booth read, “Let’s bake stuff and watch Christmas movies!”

7. Vintage Christmas

Many of the Nutcracker Market merchants are tapping into a nostalgia for a classic Christmas, with things like Christmas villages, nutcrackers (of course), old television sets, vinyl records and campers.

What Nutcracker Market trends did you see this year? Share them with us in the comments.

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