Twitter helps Astros pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. finds lost dog's owner

HOUSTON – It's no secret that Astros pitcher Lance McCullers Jr.  is an animal lover.

So when a lost dog ended up at his home, he knew just what to do. 

The dog is 9-year-old Lola.

Her owner, Alisha Loftin, says she is a bit of an escape artist.

"We've had her about four years, and she has gotten out dozens of times. She is a bit of a Houdini. We have four gates around the back of the property, and she gets out every couple of weeks," Alisha Loftin said. 

On Monday, Lola wandered away, but this time, she ended up at the home of a World Series Champion. 

"Last night we were watching TV and our dogs started going absolutely bananas in the front room, and so we ran up there and the dog was just right there in the front door," Lance McCullers said.

McCullers immediately jumped on social media and sent a tweet with the dog's picture, asking his followers to re-tweet it so he could find the dog's owner.

It worked. Hours later, he was able to connect with the dog's owner.

McCullers was so invested in making sure the dog made it back, he walked her home himself.

Loftin tells KPRC 2 News she is very grateful for what the Astros pitcher did, but she had no idea that he was a champion. 

Once home safe and sound, McCullers tweeted, "We got her home! Thanks everyone."