Tricks to keep your appliances lasting longer

A few simple tricks could help your refrigerator and other appliances last five or maybe 10 years longer. Taking care of your appliances can really extend the life, saving you money in the long run. 

Tanna Marino with Mr. Appliance helped us put together a list of common appliances along with a few tips and tricks for each one.


Remove kick plate from the bottom and clean out the lint filters from the coils under the bottom.

Regularly clean the seals around the door. The seals keep in the cool air and keep out the warm air, so keeping the seals clean keep this working the right way. If warm air is seeping into the refrigerator, the compressor will have to work harder to keep the air inside cool. 


Run "Dishwasher Magic" through your machine on a monthly basis. It runs through the sump and pump in the machine and cleans out any extra debris that is in there and prolongs the life of the dishwasher itself. 

Clean out the food trap that's at the bottom of the dishwasher. It's there to catch any food that wasn't washed off the dishes and keeps extra food from getting stuck in the drain pump. 

Also be careful not to put sharp items in the dishwasher racks. They are made of metal covered with plastic and putting sharp items on them can cause nicks or cuts to the plastic covering, which later turns into rust and breaks down the machine.


One of the quickest ways to extend the life of your washing machine is to replace the brittle plastic hoses that come with the machine with steel, flexible ones that are made for long-term use. This one change will ensure that your machine lasts years longer than it otherwise would have. 

Don't overload the machine with clothes. This puts a strain on the motor, which will cause it to wear out faster.


Take the lint trap and scrub it with soap and water over the kitchen sink. The starch buildup restricts air flow and doesn't allow the clothes to dry as efficiently as they could. Some dryers have a lint filter on the bottom or back of the machine, so check yours, and make sure you are cleaning the lint from that on a regular basis. 

Check the dryer's load weight. Just like with the washing machine, packing the dryer with clothes could wear out the motor over time. 


Don't put grease down your garbage disposal. Your dishwasher drain hose is connected to the garbage disposal and that's a corrugated hose. The grease gets stuck in the corrugated hose and it can clog up the hose itself.

Other things that can clog the disposal hose and also mess up the dishwasher include: egg shells, coffee grounds and starchy vegetables.


The microwave is probably the most common appliance you use in your kitchen. To keep it running in top shape, make sure you wipe it down with a warm cloth daily. This will remove residue on the inside of the microwave that can keep air from circulating inside the machine, which is how it heats food. 

Finally, and this may sound silly, but experts recommend that you read the directions in the instruction manual that came with your appliance. Most people don’t and there may be helpful information in them for taking care of your appliance that will help it last longer.