BalloonPalooza flop leaves ticket holders asking for refunds

HOUSTON – Fans were super excited, but their bubble was burst when they found out the balloons could not take off because of the wind.    

Several people reached out to KPRC2 and said they want their money refunded.

The concerns leveled by those ticket holders took on a life of their own on social media. BalloonaPalooza is a festival tour and it took place right in the grassy field next to Constellation Field. 

One local woman said she spent more than $150 on tickets for her family and waited around for three and a half hours and never even saw a balloon. 

“We couldn’t see any balloons. At one point, I asked my husband, are we in the right place? Is this the right address?” Nina Javaher said. 

Javaher claims the tickets she bought for that tethered balloon ride were refundable so she went on line to the festival's website only to discover they were non-refundable even though the printed ticket said they were refundable. 

Javaher said she tried contacting someone from the company through the website but never heard back from anyone. 

She said her kids were disappointed, but what made her most upset were the stories she was hearing from some of other frustrated families she waiting around with. 

Javahar said some of them were victims of Hurricane Harvey and that really broke her heart.

So she contacted us.

"We came out of such a catastrophe with Harvey and the whole community came together with such love and compassion and we just cannot let anyone take advantage of this community like that," Javaher said.

A representative from the BalloonaPalooza Tour said he feels terrible they did not fly this past weekend and they tried with some of the smaller balloons but were unable to hold them down.

He said they sent an email blast to all ticket holders and are working on finding a new location for them this weekend with several options to attend Thursday through Sunday.

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