Parents outraged about weekend 'snow event' in Old Town Spring

SPRING, Texas – Scores of unhappy parents have taken to Facebook to air their frustrations with a "Snow Event" for kids that they claim wasn't as advertised.

"Snow Under the Big Top" in Old Town Spring promoted the event on their Facebook page. 

PHOTOS: 'Failed' snow event held in Old Spring Town

"Bring out the family and play in SNOW - real, cold, wet, flurrying, on the ground and in the air, sled, slide and build!" Big Top Vintage Market is bringing real snow to our market this year!," the event's description read.

"When we got there it was maybe a 20 by 20 area of shaved ice blown onto the ground," Nikki Martin, who paid $25 for her 7-year-old son to attend.

The snow was actually shaved ice, and some parents claim when kids formed into snowballs, the rock-like projectiles bloodied several kids' faces.

A parent was injured, when a wandering child crossed into a makeshift sled run. The boy was upended, and his head smashed into the father's face.

VIDEO: Dad hit in face during snow event in Spring

Late Monday afternoon, Channel 2 Investigates was able to meet with event organizer Melissa Jebril.

"Unfortunately, we have zero perfect refund policy," Jebril said.

She said that the hot weather was a factor and that the product that was used at the event was the same sort of "snow" used at similar events.

After the original broadcast of this story: Melissa Jebril clarified that she did not personally generate $400,000 in revenue from the event. This figure represents "economic generation" for Old Town Spring vendors, she said.

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