This baby could be the key to the Astros' World Series win

HOUSTON – Astros fans say the team needs all the help it can get to bring home a win and take home the World Series.

From not washing jerseys and socks to sitting in the same seat every game, many fans have their own superstitions that they believe help bring about the best luck.

One family says their 11-week-old baby is a lucky one when he's dressed up head to toe in Astros gear.

Tyler and Samantha Coldwell had their baby boy, Cash, 11 weeks ago. Since then, the baby has experienced an eclipse, a hurricane and now the World Series.

They hope to help bring home a win by dressing the baby from head to toe in Astros gear. They swear, it makes a difference. Every time they remember to do it, the Astros have won.

"Every morning game day, he has to have an Astros outfit on," Tyler Coldwell said.

"I tell him, 'I have all these outfits that I brought. Can I put one of those on (Cash)?' And he said, 'What time did you put on his outfit yesterday for Game 6?' I said, 'In the morning.' He said, 'Okay, that's what time he has to put on his outfit today then,'" Samantha Coldwell said. "So that's what we did, and the Astros won!"

The parents have gear from now until Cash is a toddler, so the baby's luck shouldn't run out.