Family uses technology to track car stolen during Hurricane Harvey by looters

HOUSTON – A Southwest Houston family whose home was looted during Harvey, took the unusual step of tracking down their stolen car.

"We used "find my Iphone," Teri Gerber said.

Among the tens of thousands of dollars in stolen belongings were several Apple products, at least one of which was turned on after it was stolen.

Gerber said their first call was to police, but they were inundated with life-threatening emergencies at the time.

"We waited hours and hours but couldn't help," Gerber said.

So, after pinning the address of the computer to 3100 Holmes Road, Gerber's husband and brother-in-law drove to the location.

"It was a fairly seedy motel, and when he got there he saw our car," Gerber said.

With little hesitation, and without help from unavailable police, Gerber's husband used his wife's key to open the car and drive it back home.

That was the only item they managed to recover, and the looters never revealed themselves.

"So yes, we were probably not very smart in doing it but I'm glad we had the confidence and the strength to do it," Gerber said.

The Gerbers did file a police report, but there are no identified suspects in the case.

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