This is the inside scoop on Houston's World Series emergency plan

HOUSTON – The World Series is bringing thousands of extra visitors to downtown Houston, which means there will be extra focus on keeping everyone safe.

Channel 2 investigates Joel Eisenbaum has been tracking the Houston Fire Department's resources for several months now, before and after Hurricane Harvey.

On Thursday, the day before the World Series, a key piece of emergency equipment isn't up for the task.

"A ladder that would be first in the event of an emergency fire or anything the fire department would respond too," said Patrick Langston, president of Houston Pro Firefighters.

Hours before the game, firefighters instead of firefighting became movers, spending hours stripping down a broken truck and moving rescue gear to the back-up truck.

"We have over 600 public safety camera downtown that will be watching along with HPD (Houston Fire Department)," said chief Samuel Pena, with the Houston Fire Department.

The city's emergency action plan is 12 times longer than the Harvey plan.

The plans include four more ambulance near Minute Maid, a hazmat truck and a high angled rescue truck that are all run by 16 firefighters working overtime who are not pulled from other assignments.

"The plan that I have seen looks to be extremely comprehensive for the ... responses are for the outside perimeter," Pena said.

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