Texas country music singer Rich O'Toole talks about his Astros fandom

Houston native knew he had to be in L.A. for first part of series

LOS ANGELES – As a musician, Texas country music singer Rich O'Toole spends much of his time traveling between Houston, Nashville and Los Angeles recording new music.

When the Astros made it to the World Series, the Houston native knew he had to be in L.A. for the first part of the series.

"I spend half of my time in Houston and half in L.A., so I go to a lot of Dodger games and to see Houston in Dodger Stadium means the world to me, because I started going to Astros games when I was 5, 6, 7 years old at the Astrodome," O'Toole said.


He went to Stratford High School in Houston, then went to A&M University and graduated in 2006. In order to pursue his dream of music, he sold his car for $10,000 and recorded his first record.

Since then, his career has taken off and he's opened for Pat Green and Eli Young Band, and his music has made the top five of Texas music charts.

While in L.A., KPRC Channel 2 caught O'Toole singing his new song "God and George Strait" at FWD PRO Studios.


O'Toole loves music of all genres, including H-Town rap.

"I appreciate all kinds of work. I like to work with Bun B in Houston. Me and Bun are so close. He did the intro on our new record," O'Toole said.

Bun B recorded the intro on his album "American Kid," and O'Toole is a fan of Paul Wall.

"Sittin' sideways boys in a daze," sang O’Toole while playing his guitar and singing Paul Wall's song. "I should make a country mix to that 'Sittin' sideways.'"

After Game 1 of the World Series, even though the Astros lost, O'Toole was pumped and gave a shoutout to Paul Wall, while showing his teeth mimicking a "grill," which is silver, gold or platinum jewelry for one's teeth.

Paul Wall went viral after the Astros clinched the ALCS and was on KPRC Chanel 2 News showing his grill and excitement.

"I tweeted at Paul Wall this morning and said, 'Hey, where's my grill?' So hopefully I can get one," said O'Toole jokingly.

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